Social comparisons, health and well-being

By: Andrew E. Clark


Health and well-being are socially determined. One of the ways in which this comes about is via social comparisons with other individuals in the same personal, geographic or social networks, with the comparisons referring either to income or other aspects of economic and social life. The existence of such comparison effects with respect to income may help to explain the social gradient in health.
Keywords: well-being; comparisons; income; unemployment; divorce; religion; social health gradient

One Response to Social comparisons, health and well-being

  1. Adedoyinsola says:

    Yes, the health and well being of people in any society depends on the per capital income of the household because inorder to know if there is high standard of living or people are living well, the society or nation has to be sampled in the aspect of Income generated and economic activities that led to income generated. By studying the economy, per capital income generated by each household will be determined and conclusions will be made regarding the well being of each households. When there is Increase in Per capital Income, d general well being of people will improved because there will be enough to save and with this, investment rate will increase.In the aspect of Health, Once there is high standard of living, people will be able to visit d hospital for health issues, pay for medical check up and so on, by so doing there will be improvement in health aspects.It is economy and social factors that can determine the well being and Health of people.

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